‘Today’ Has a Puppy Cam

By Karen Fratti 

wrangler4Someone call Brian Stelter, the producers over at “Today” have struck programming gold. You might want to sit down for this one. There’s a puppy cam.

That’s right. “Today” got a dog, named it Wrangler, and they’re live-streaming him messing around in the Orange Room for #WranglerWednesday. The puppy is a project: “Today” show hosts are helping to train and socialize him to be a guide dog for Guiding Eyes For the Blind. Please tweet me your best jokes about being socialized on the set of a morning show.

He’s already sort of famous. The bundle of puppy joy has a combined 42,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter. And he has lots of opinions on the news of the day:

They crowd sourced his name last week, and it had to start with a “W” because that’s when they have a block of time to stream the puppy cam. But it turns out he’s on a “really tight schedule,” according to Matt Lauer in the clip below, and he “sleeps every day at this hour.” Just when they’re trying to stream you being cute, Wrangler. Get your act together. This is television.

Don’t worry, he only lives in the Orange Room for the duration of the show and goes home with a handler at night. Actually, I’d almost rather watch him roam the studios late at night.

Let this be a reminder to producers and marketing execs across the land: you want engagement? Get your audience a puppy.

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