'Tia & Tamera' EP Jason Carbone: social TV is a 'game changer'

By Natan Edelsburg 

Last week Style, an NBCU lifestyle network, launched the second season of the reality show, ‘Tia & Tamera‘ featuring the Mowry sisters who became famous in the 90s for their WB show “Sister Sister.” We spoke with the show’s social-savvy Executive Producer, Jason Carbone on how the show became the network’s highest-rated programming.

The show’s main stars have a powerful following, especially on Twitter. Tia’s at over one million and Tamera’s at close to 650,000. This star power combined with Carbone’s understanding of social has helped them make a splash as one of the big summer launches. Carbone’s experience goes back to 1994’s Real World: San Francisco, when a cast member with HIV/AIDS openly discusses his situation helping bring to light how possible it was to live with the disease.

Lost Remote: How do you use social media?

Jason Carbone: I use social media in a variety of ways. The obvious, keeping in-touch with friends and family, updating the general public to what’s going on at my company, Good Clean Fun via Facebook and Twitter, to casting future shows. Social media has radically changed how we do most everything. .

LR: How do you think social media is changing TV?

Carbone: Social media is as big a game changer as the remote control was. Now we have access to information and more importantly, sharing information immediately in conjunction with watching TV. Social media is making a passive medium active. That’s amazing!

LR: As an EP/show runner, why is social media important?

Carbone: Social media provides real-time data and response to content creators – that alone is worth its weight in gold.

LR: How are you using social media to launch/promote your show?

Carbone: Via Twitter, email banners and Facebook we blast our shows starting about two weeks out. Additionally we offer drawings and contests via Facebook and Twitter to both grow our followers and to reward the faithful.