This Is Why People Love ABC’s Once Upon a Time

By Karen Fratti Comment

Once Upon a Time has all the makings of a social hit. Fantasy, a Sunday night slot, and ABC’s social team behind it. If you need to know what the fuss is all about, Whipclip’s grabbed some of the most shared moments from this week’s episode.

Evil Emma gets desperate to free Excalibur, but there’s a twist.

A bean has been stolen.

Don’t wory the unquenachable flame will lead you to it.

Are you sure this chalice can help because it’s from Octoberfest!?

Car versus Horse.

Evil Emma lays it on thick.

Charming is knighted and makes it to the round table.

Lancelot is revealed and there’s another villain afoot.

A martyr is made.

Rumple awakens.