‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Teams Up With zeebox for ‘Wendy’s TV World’

By Jordan Chariton 

Wendy Williams Zeebox“The Wendy Williams Show” is getting more social.

The daytime talk show and TV conversation app zeebox have joined forces in an exclusive partnership aimed at expanding the show’s social conversation online.

As part of the partnership, zeebox’s TV room feature will come to life on the show’s website, WendyShow.com, branded as “Wendy’s TV World.” The new community will allow the show’s already loyal “Wendy Watchers” to interact with Wendy and each other.

“As social media becomes more integrated in television, this partnership with zeebox positions ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ at the forefront of daytime television in making the second screen experience as simple and interactive as possible,” said Lonnie Burstein, Executive Vice President, Programming and Production at Debmar-Mercury. “zeebox’s syndicated TV Rooms are a great way for viewers to engage around the latest TV entertainment and celebrity news, and say it like they mean it.”

Starting this month, show viewers will be driven to the new zeebox syndicated room by promotion on-air and through social media.