The Voice and Twitter Create Augmented Reality Experience for Fans

By Karen Fratti 

The Voice is one of the top tweeted shows every week, according to Nielsen Social. So it’s always a good place to experiment. This week, Twitter and The Voice integrated an augmented virtual reality experience for fans and pulled it off—there were 83,000 tweets around the show.

Twitter created animated 3-D hashtags and stickers to the platform for the broadcast, created by coaches and the contestants backstage in a photo booth of sorts.

The emoji for each coach can be activated with a #teamblake, #teamadam, and so on.
The Voice has long been using Twitter to get fans into the show. Since 2013, they’ve used the “Voice Save” hashtag, where viewers can bring contestants back and they’ve been using Periscope for extra content since its launch.

The animated emoji may seem silly, but it’s just another way to get viewers to stick around for the broadcast. Whatever they’re doing it seems to be working.