The Super Bowl on Facebook: 265 Million Posts, Comments, and Likes

By Adam Flomenbaum Comment

While last night’s first half was a dud, a combination of Katy Perry’s halftime performance and one of the most wild finishes in NFL history got people talking on social. The game – with 65 million people joining the Facebook conversation worldwide and driving 265 million posts, comments and likes – was the most talked about Super Bowl on Facebook ever (last year’s game saw 50 million unique people talking about the event on Facebook).

Just as Twitter analyzes peak reaction times with tweets per minute (TPM), Facebook has begun using “people per minute” (PPM) to measure participation. During the final minute of last night’s game, 1.3 million PPM were interacting around Super Bowl content.

Facebook’s data team looked at the volume of global conversation during the game, along with the top social moments, demographics, states where the event was discussed most, and the most talked-about players on Facebook.

Top Social Moments

1. New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX (1.36 million people-per-minute)

2. Katy Perry’s “Firework” finale at halftime (1.02 million people-per-minute)

3. Russell Wilson TD pass to Doug Baldwin gives Seattle 24-14 lead in the third quarter (701,000 people-per-minute)

4. Malcolm Butler’sgame-deciding interception on the goal line with less than 30 seconds remaining (676,000 people-per-minute)

5. Jermaine Kearse’s catch late in the fourth quarter to set up a dramatic finish (656,000 people-per-minute)

Top Five States (Where Level Of Conversation on Facebook Was Highest)

1 New Hampshire

2. Rhode Island

3. Maine

4. Massachusetts

5. Washington

Top Five Countries

1. US

2. Canada

3. Mexico

4. Australia

5. Ireland

Most Mentioned Players

1. Tom Brady

2. Marshawn Lynch

3. Russell Wilson

4. Rob Gronkowski

5. Malcolm Butler

Top Five Demos
1. Women 25-34
2. Women 35-44
3. Women 18-24
4. Men 25-34
5. Men 18-24