The Royals Social Strategy: Play Hard To Get

By Karen Fratti 

Exclusivity is always a turn on. The Royals on E! knows what’s up. They’ve had consistent, continued social success over the course of this season, but for the finale this week, they’ve locked down the Twitter account.

Only confirmed followers and fans are allowed to see the real-time reactions, exclusive video clips, and more content from the official Twitter account, which reopens today. Screen shot 2015-05-13 at 11.52.38 AM

It’s been a concerted effort, from the fake tabloid to the Snapchat recaps, according to Jen Neal, EVP, Marketing for the network. She says:

We’ve created more original social content for The Royals than we have for any other show, fueling the intrigue and interest in this fictional world behind the palace gates.  The playfully scandalous aspect of the show has largely driven our strategy and allowed us to go places that no E! show has been before.  For example ‘Royal Hangover’ on Snapchat – the platform’s first-ever post-episode recap show – has been a great success connecting with the show’s millennial audience, along with our most conspicuous social execution, D-Throned, which is the tabloid that covers all of The Royals foibles on the show, and comes to life online on its Tumblr blog.

Creating a social community is no small feat. The Royals’ demographic is mostly female, 18-34 and all of the strategy around the show reflects that. Locking down the Twitter handle means it probably won’t make the Nielsen Social ratings, but it creates a little fan party that a show couldn’t have otherwise. There’s something very ‘mean girls’ about reading gossip rags and not allowing just anyone to watch the finale with you — exactly what a show about a catty, glamorous royal family should be.