The Mindy Project, Hulu, and Almost Appointment Viewing

By Karen Fratti 

mindy-projectTomorrow, the Mindy Project premieres on Hulu so your rom-com sitcom needs are taken care of for fall. Hulu will air new episodes on Tuesdays, so unlike other original content on other platforms, you won’t get to burn out on her by the weekend. Fans mourned when the show was cancelled last year, and then rejoiced when Hulu announced it would pick it up, instead.

It’s an interesting way to keep a pretty popular show around and experiment with mixing appointment viewing with binge VOD watching. Will fans tune in every week or wait for the season to end to catch up? It’s going to be a great way for other content creators and networks to gauge new viewing habits. And if Apple TV is as good it pretend to be, this sort of model could very well be what the networks are looking for. Which means, cord cutters, you’re still going to need a cable subscription.

In any case, fans are ready for more Mindy Kaling:

And someone needs to help this guy out: