Syfy and LG Launch Interactive App for Defiance Premiere

By Karen Fratti Comment

syfy syncSyfy and LG launched Syfy Sync for LG Smart TV, an app that gives viewers an immersive and interactive experience with Syfy content.

The app’s launch in in conjuntion with the season premiere of Defiance, with behind the scenes footage, interactive polls and trivia, backstories for the plots. David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA, said in a statement that:

Interactive TV with Syfy’s Defiance delivers a new, engaging TV experience, leveraging the power and simplicity of LG’s webOS Smart TV platform along with our incredible picture quality. Syfy and NBC Universal have been pioneers in real-time interactive TV for second-screen viewing, and LG is enthusiastic to work with them to bring this integrated experience to the big screen.

That’s not just gushy press release talk, either. Syfy is consistently working with smart TV and connected home devices to enhance the experience. Last year, they integrated Philips Hue lightbulbs into Six Monkeys. Viewers with the Syfy Sync app and the bulbs enjoyed a light show for each episode. There’s something inherent in science fiction content that makes it easy to innovate in their fans’ living rooms, and the network has long seen its app a place for viewers to do more than just tweet or watch old episodes. Matthew Chiavelli, vice president of digital media and strategy for Syfy says that:

From its inception, Syfy Sync has always been seen as a multiplatform play… The LG Smart TV platform provides an incredible user experience along with an incredible TV picture quality for Syfy’s devoted fans to go even deeper into our programming.

The app is available exclusively on LG Smart TVs for the Defiance season 3 premiere.