Stranger Things Tops Americans’ Favorite TV Shows of 2022

By Rebecca Theodore-Vachon 

The people have spoken. According to Morning Consult, a global decision intelligence company, Stranger Things and House of The Dragon were American viewers’ top picks for TV shows of 2022.

Morning Consult asked respondents at the end of October to name their favorite tv show released this year and found through an open-end analysis that Stranger Things (5%), House of The Dragon (3%) and Yellowstone (2%) were the 3 TV shows they voted for most.

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1 and 2, released on Netflix this past summer, racked up 1.35 billion hours viewed within its first 28 days of release and has remained on the Netflix Top 10 list for 10 consecutive weeks. Stranger Things 4 also made history as the most watched English-language program on Netflix, beating out popular shows like Bridgerton, and even crashed Netflix as viewers logged in to watch the Season 4 finale, as reported by Bloomberg News.


House of the Dragon had the largest audience for an original debut in the history of HBO and the best series launch on HBO Max across the U.S., Latin America and Europe. Episodes averaged av 29 million viewers in the U.S. alone.

Morning Consult’s Kevin Tran also shared some analysis on why House of the Dragon and Stranger Things were so successful.

In addition to both shows having massive budgets, Tran attributed the programs’ popularity to their release model, noting that Stranger Things and House of the Dragon were able to break through because all the episodes didn’t debut at once. Stranger Things had its season cut into two parts, and House of the Dragon had a weekly release schedule.

According to the same report, Tran noted that a high number of the most popular shows in 2022 came from traditional TV networks, including AMC’s The Walking Dead, CBS’s Ghosts and Young Sheldon.