Stevie’s Follow TV turns your Twitter stream into a personal TV network

By Natan Edelsburg 

Stevie, a platform that turned your Twitter feed into a streaming video experience (think Flipboard for video), just released Follow TV. Follow TV will allow users to create channels based on any hashtag or topic they can think of. For example, on Sundays you can type in #SNL and the most buzzed about Saturday Night Live sketches from the night before will begin to play continuously. Users also have the ability to share videos directly from the dashboard and watch later on their personalized Stevie.If you don’t have a hashtag or topic in mind, the Follow TV dashboard lets you easily browse TV channels based on Twitter’s trending hashtags.

“Working on Stevie, we’ve been discovering great TV channels hiding within social media feeds,” says Yael Givon, Stevie’s CEO. “We believe that in the future, TV viewing will be a lot more like Stevie – people will zap topics and hashtags, and get personal channels, rather than zapping channels that are pre programmed with one size fits all content.”

Follow TV comes not soon after Stevie’s release of Celebrity Tweet TV, which features channels of any celebrity. Follow TV is a logical extension of Celebrity Tweet TV and further taps into the budding relationship of social media, TV, and the second screen. Stevie is available on the webiOS, Apple TV AirPlay and Android.