STARZ Integrates Spotify Into Its App for Movie/Music Experience

By Steve Safran 

IMG_0128 (2)

You’ve had the experience of watching a movie, hearing a great song on the soundtrack and making a mental note: “I have to remember that song.”

Of course, you forget it later.

Here’s an interesting approach to marrying music and movies on-demand: STARZ is integrating Spotify so you can mix your movie and music experience into a single app, the company announced today.

It’s an interesting partnership. Of course, you have to be a subscriber to both services to get the full experience. If you have STARZ as part of your cable package – and your cable company is participating with the STARZ app – you can authenticate the STARZ app with no additional cost. You can also subscribe to STARZ as a standalone for $8.99 a month. And you’ll need to be a paid subscriber of Spotify.

But if you have those both, the companies have put some thought into how these two services can work together. Here’s what the main screen looks like when you open the new STARZ app:

Spotify Starz

Clicking through the Spotify promo brings you to a Spotify page, complete with recommendations:

Spotify Starz

Of particular interest is the prominence given to STARZ Originals soundtracks. You don’t need to put out a conventional soundtrack on a CD and ship it to stores anymore. You can have an original show on your channel and have the soundtrack immediately posted.

We Spotify addicts love our playlists. So, yes, if you make a Spotify playlist in this space, it will save to your “regular” Spotify account.

The partnership goes both ways. In a press release, STARZ wrote:

Customized STARZ video recommendations will also be provided to Spotify users on the STARZ app based on their Spotify listening habits, exposing them to the depth and breadth of the STARZ library and bridging the gap between the entertainment genres.

That’s pretty interesting. I’d like to know what the algorithm is that decides what movies I like based upon my Spotify listening habits.

The upgraded app with the new embedded partnership is available now for iOS, Android and Roku.