Sony Adds T-Commerce App to Smart TVs

By Karen Fratti 

watching-tv-hed-2013Today, Delivery Agent announced that their ShopTV application will be installed in 2013 and 2014 Sony smart televisions and 2013, 2014, and 2015 Blu-Ray disc players. The app allows consumers to watch and buy products from Overstock, CBS, Toyota, among other brands,with their remote control. New brands and experiences will be updated with the hardware in future iterations. According to a release, “Sony will activate remote controlled engagement and shopping directly from programming and advertisement, resulting in an interactive co-viewing experience from the TV.”

Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO of Delivery Agent said in a statement that:

Consumers are no longer content to sit back and view television as they had in prior years. The average person spends 5+ hours a day consuming entertainment and expects a deeper level of engagement during that time. Our work with Sony will deliver on consumer expectations.

Sony and Delivery Agent have a prior agreement where ShopTV is in configured with Sony’s TV Sideview, which allows viewers to buy items related to content on mobile devices. Already, Samsung, LG, and Roku support the app. Nick Colsey, vice president of business development, Sony Electronics said in a statement that:

Bringing together Sony technology and Delivery Agent’s immersive television engagement and shopping platform will enable us to deliver a next generation viewing experience to the Sony home.

This year, Delivery Agent was a major partner for the 2015 Pepsi Halftime show, where they sold exclusive Katy Perry products via the app, Shazam, and enabled YouTube videos. They were also one of Twitter’s Buy Now launch partners for the even. In 2014, they created a shoppable H&M commercial with David Beckham during the Super Bowl, too.

With most major smart television’s enabled for t-commerce, it won’t be long until we start seeing the connected home come together.