Social TV startup ‘TV Dinner’ launches with funding

By Natan Edelsburg 

Another social TV company has entered the second-screen space aiming to create a “refreshingly unique real-time experience,” according to their release. New York-based “TV Dinner” (for iPad) is focusing on a big gaming element for the second screen.

They’re launching with a strong opposition to the idea of the TV check-in, a concept that GetGlue seems to be banking off of but that others are skeptical of in regards to long-term sustainability as a platform. John Swords the CEO said, “some of our competitors have tried to entice viewers by looking to existing concepts like ‘check-in’ or ancillary features like using their iPad as a remote control.” He added that, “our focus is completely different and our initial release of the product is only the beginning.” Swords and cofounder Adam Brotiman are both partners at agency making this social TV product a great potential added value to clients of theirs already launching marketing campaigns.

“TV Dinners” are described clearly here on the company’s about page. Each dinner is made up of “nibbles,” which are comments, captions, or polls. They’ll also be publishing “menus” to tell users about when specific TV Dinners are approaching. They’re playing it smart it not claiming to offer dinners across all TV programming, instead curating specific ones as they get things going. With SideShows, Dinners and more, the social TV producer is about to be very overwhelmed with the different options to try and make TV more social.