Social TV consolidation continues: GetGlue rebrands as tvtag, Yahoo! shuts down IntoNow, Viggle buys Dijit Media

By Natan Edelsburg 

downloadThe past week has seen a tremendous amount of consolidation from some of the major platforms that have defined a now tiny world of “companion apps” to the TV viewing experience. Here are the details about GetGlue pivoting to tvtag, Yahoo! shutting down IntoNow and Viggle acquiring Dijit Media.

  • Over the weekend, GetGlue’s owners i.TV announced that the platform would become tvtag. Here’s a video about the app that launched yesterday and the full announcement from i.TV.

  • Yesterday, Yahoo! announced that they were shutting down IntoNow which the company originally bought for millions. TechCrunch has the full story here. Yahoo! says the ACR technology will be built into their smart TV and sports products and the founder of the company, Adam Cahan is of course still high up at Yahoo! as their SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products.
  • Viggle acquired Dijit Media today and will be building in NextGuide’s platform and their reminder button into Viggle. TechCrunch has the full story here. Dijit of course, had previously acquired Miso one of the early TV check-in apps.

Regarding checking into TV in general, TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler described in his coverage of IntoNow shutting down that, “The idea was as preposterous then as it seems now, but thanks to the relative early success of Foursquare back in those days, eager app makers were trying to get people to check into every damn thing.” It’s going to be an interesting year to see how TV startups try to innovate in the face of a jaded community.