Social media and the royal wedding online

By Steve Safran 

We’ll be getting up early in the morning Friday (or, should Cory choose, staying up late at night) to find all the great social media happening surrounding the royal wedding. In the meantime, there are a number of resources you can check out. It’s hard to know where to begin, but here are some of the ones we’ve unearthed. Let us know which resources you find and like.

Live streams of the wedding are all over the place. In addition to the major network sites, You can watch on YouTube’s “The Royal Channel“; The BBC; Livestream (CBS News, ET and The Insider), Ustream (PBS+) and Hulu (carrying ABC News).

On Twitter, #rw2011 is the emerging hashtag. CNN is asking viewers to use #CNNTV in their tweets “and we may show them on-air!”

CNN’s iReport held a contest and sent citizen journalist Jason Sauter of Orlando to London to file his own reports (see some here). has a good, detailed rundown of the events, minute by minute.

NBC News has a list of who is going on its Posterous page.

See where they’re seated – CNN has a chart of Westminster Abbey.

Check in with the official British Monarchy Facebook page. The official wedding website is at, which seems like an awfully long URL. They couldn’t have bought something shorter? They have the cash…

Props to NBC for grabbing We’ve been preaching for years about how locals and networks should grab the most likely twitter name for events. Note that they didn’t insist on or anything awkward like that.

Other notable Twitter feeds: @royalweddingCNN, @bbcroyalwedding <a href=""@ABCRoyals, @MSNRoyalWedding, and the Prince of Wales’s own @ClarenceHouse.

ABC News has a $7.99 paid app that Cory reviewed. Cory liked it, but thought it was pricey. (This is actually an in-app purchase, part of the ABC Video Bookstore app, which is free.)

There are a ton of royal wedding apps for the iPhone and iPad. NBC has “The Royal Wedding by NBC” (free); the BBC has “Royal Wedding Insider” (free); London’s The Mirror offers “Royal Wedding – The Wills & Kate Story” ($1.99); The Times has “The Times Royal Wedding Souvenir Edition” (free); and, well, just search “royal wedding.” I found 72 apps for the iPhone alone.

We’ve only scratched the surface. Tell us about your favorite finds, and we’ll post them as we move along. We’ll be up early to see how the social web handles the Royal Wedding.