SnapStream Integrates Twitter’s Native Video API

By Karen Fratti 

When Twitter started supporting native video last month, there wasn’t a lot of excitement. But if you want to share video and TV, it’s a pretty great update. SnapStream, the service that allows users like The Daily Show to clip and record broadcast clips, has integrated the Twitter API into their platform.

Why does this matter? It means marketers can monetize and track the video clips they’re sharing, A representative from SnapStream says that:

With Twitter native videos in SnapStream, organizations can easily and quickly upload TV clips to Twitter and provide their users with the best video experience Twitter has to offer.  They can also monetize these tweets via the newly automated Twitter Amplify program.

Forbes outlines all the best uses for Twitter’s Amplify and native video API programs:

The sponsor can promote itself through ad pre-roll in a video, by promoting tweets with their brand name or using hashtags, among other options. Now, an advertiser can upload their pre-roll on Twitter’s ads dashboard with the option to automatically promote Amplify tweets. A publisher can then submit their tweet with video or another visual to a live Amplify campaign, reducing much of the back and forth that used to occur between Twitter and partners to make a deal, the company said.

It’s getting easier to search, clip, and share television and SnapStream has been leading the charge. They’ve also recently added a feature where subscribers can GIF clips for web publishing. For rookies, SnapStream’s developers have been blogging about their experience with the native video upload on their website, too.