She May Have Been Named Miss America, But How Did Miss New York Fare on Twitter?

By Adam Flomenbaum 

640_kira_kazantsev_140914_s‘Miss America’ aired Sunday night on ABC, and Miss New York won the pageant for the third straight year.

According to our analytics partner Canvs, which measures Twitter sentiment, 85,814 of the 303,900 tweets about the telecast were emotional reactions. Fans on Twitter offered up many ‘congratulations’ once the winner was announced, but during the talent portion of the show 35% of the emotional reactions to Miss New York’s solo cup rendition of Pharell’s ‘Happy’ were negative (“WTF” and “disappointed”). Miss Mississippi may not have won, but Twitter was impressed by her “legit” singing talent.

Below, some more insights from Canvs on what drove the Twitter conversation, followed by an infographic:

The most popular states in terms of reaction volume were:

1. New York was mentioned in 8.2% of reactions, not surprising since Miss New York took home the crown.

2. Mississippi was mentioned in 4.4% of reactions. Reactions for Miss Mississippi were driven primarily by her singing talent, which people thought was impressive.

3. Arkansas was mentioned in 4.2% of reactions, driven by Miss Arkansas’s stunning black dress.

4. Florida was mentioned in 3.2%. The fact that Miss Florida loves Waffle House was popular on Twitter.

5. Ohio was mentioned in 2.9% of reactions, driven by her impressive ventriloquism act.