‘Sex Box’ Is As Ridiculous As It Sounds

By Karen Fratti 

SEXBOX_WTAFor some television, it might be better that there’s not so much of a social element. Take WeTV’s new show, “Sex Box.”  Here’s the pitch:

For the first time in America, couples will have sex on stage in front of live studio audience in a specially designed chamber – the Sex Box! The box is a private, camera free and sound proof room that lets the couples focus on one another with no outside distractions. When they are finished, they’ll sit down with a panel of experts to discuss their issues.have sex on stage in front of live studio audience in a specially designed chamber – the Sex Box!

t would be more interesting, perhaps, if viewers could vote halves of the couple off or weigh in on the couples’ therapy. Instead, the most interactive the show has gotten is when they offered to put a link to the Parents TV Council website. The group was protesting the show, WeTV wanted viewers to watch, and if they didn’t like it, they could sign and force the show off of the air. The PTC was unamused.

While the couples talk about their feelings, and get some “harsh” criticism from the therapist panel, the WeTV social team hosts a #Let’sTalkAboutSexBox chat, in which they propose questions like:

I can’t figure out what’s worse, the fact that the show exists or all of the missed opportunities to engage with American viewers who watch cable on Friday nights. The WeTV line-up, apart from “Law and Order” reruns, is love and marriage focused: “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” “Mary Mary,” and “Match Made in Heaven,” a sort of rip-off  “Bachelor” format. In the case of “Sex Box,” maybe we’re better off.

WeTV is trying to rebrand itself as more than just a women’s entertainment channel, but maybe that’s where they’re going wrong. They should take some social strategy cues from Bravo or Hallmark. Or find better reality formats to import.

Deadline reports that Friday’s premiere of “Sex Box” clocked about 378,000 viewers — 131,000 in the 34+ age bracket and 232,000 in the 18-25 space.