Schick Launches Video Series on Jimmy Kimmel

By Karen Fratti 

This week, Jimmy Kimmel Live is pushing Schick Hydro razors on his show, but also airing videos made with UCB Comedy, so at least it’s funny. The Epic Tales From the Barbershop series will air one episode weekly.

There will be on-air integrations and Kimmel will drive traffic to the web series on Schick’s Tumblr and other social sites.

This is no small campaign. Clips will be released as the weekly episodes run through July. That’s commitment. Kimmel is consistently successful on social media, topping the Nielsen Social charts daily.

Last week, two episodes were in the Nielsen Top Ten with anywhere from 12-20,000 tweets seen by a unique audience of around 1,100,000. Like Fallon, Kimmel clips circle the web the next morning, like today’s PSA about wobbly tables. The Epic Barbershop will be at right at home with all the millennial bros staying up too late. The videos will be on Schick’s Tumblr and on the UCB Comedy YouTube Channel and were created in partnership with MEC.