Samsung hits 5 million TV app downloads

By Cory Bergman 

While still a modest number, downloads of Samsung’s TV apps are accelerating. Samsung crossed the 2 million mark in late January, and today it announced it hit 5 million — 100,000 app downloads every four days. Samsung says more than 550 apps are available for Samsung TVs and selected Blu-ray players.

The most popular app? YouTube. Also in the top ten: Google Maps, Accuweather, Vimeo, Texas Hold ‘Em, Blockbuster, Daily Motion and USA Today.

“The success of our developers and the rate at which our downloads have increased are evidence that this new medium of apps designed specifically for the television experience is taking hold in the consumer living room,” said Samsung VP Kevin Kyungshik Lee in a press release. “These apps are one of the cornerstones of the overall Smart TV experience and they will continue to grow both in number and the diversity of experiences.”

Meanwhile, Google announced earlier this month that its rolling out Android TV apps for Google TV devices this summer.

Here’s an infographic from Samsung on their TV apps…