Rick Sanchez’s success with Twitter + TV

By Kent Chapline 

Today’s Miami Herald has a good article about the way Rick Sanchez’s afternoon CNN show integrates Twitter/Facebook/MySpace. No doubt many of the LR faithful have watched with interest as the show has unfolded over the past few weeks. It moves fast and jumps around a lot, especially for a network show (not that that’s a bad thing). But it’s always interesting.

According to the Herald, it’s working well with the audience: “Since its ‘soft’ launch a month ago, Sanchez’s show has increased the time slot’s audience by nearly 25 percent, to almost 900,000.” And as I type this on Monday at 11:30 AM central, Sanchez’s Twitter account has 21,500 followers.

Successfully integrating the web and TV can be tough to do consistently. Sanchez and his team seem to be pulling it off, in part by marrying the social networking qualities of the two media. And the audience is responding. (Thanks to my buddy Dan Shelley at wcbstv.com for pointing out this article. Dan and I are both members of the CBS family.)