Producer, Retirement Living TV

By Cory Bergman 

Job Description:

REPORTS TO: Supervising Producer

SUPERVISES: Segment Producers, Associate Producers, Production

SUMMARY: To conceive, write, supervise and shoot a new live, daily,
in-studio, one hour show for the Retirement Living Network.


Oversees all aspects of production including:

*Creating rundowns for the show, assigning responsibilities to the
production team, overseeing the budget

*Working closely with Rights and Clearances to acquire and clear

*Supervise all aspects of production

*Writing and producing segments

*Supervising edits and delivering segments on schedule and on budget

*Additional duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

*Candidate must have a minimum of 3 years experience writing and
producing for live entertainment/information-oriented broadcast.

*Excellent writing and communication skills required.

*Candidate must have extensive in-studio experience, field production
experience as well as extensive experience supervising edit sessions.
Show budgeting is a plus.

*Candidate must be creative, organized, responsible, self-motivated,
team-oriented but able to demonstrate leadership skills, able to work
under extreme deadline pressure, flexible and accurate.

Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Please email or fax cover letter with salary history.

Reply via Email:

Please send resume as an attachment

Reply via Fax to: 310.584.9230