Pew: Christine O'Donnell received most news coverage

By Steve Safran 

Christine O’Donnell, the failed Republican candidate for Senate from Delaware, certainly captured the attention of the media. The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism studied news coverage in the 2010 news cycle. It found that O’Donnell was tops in coverage – garnering almost twice the coverage of the California Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman, who is second on the list. Indeed, tonight’s headline on the Delaware senate race reads “Christine O’Donnell Projected to Lose Delaware Senate Race to Christopher Coons,” not “Christopher Coons Wins Delaware” or the like. Indeed, Coons, who won Delaware convincingly, doesn’t even rank in the top ten of coverage as measured by the PEJ. Here’s the PEJ chart of who garnered the most coverage:

Chart Courtesy of the Project for Excellence in Journalism

UPDATE: National Journal’s Major Garrett (formerly of Fox News) pointedly Tweets “I am SO VERY EAGER to watch the Cables carry concession speech of the NEXT senate candidate who loses by 16 POINTS…”