Periscope Launches Curated Channels

By Steve Safran 

Periscope, the live video streaming app owned by Twitter, is introducing “curated channels” in an effort to help users find relevant content. features different content sections organized by hashtag. So if you want to see who is live (or was recently live) on Periscope talking about travel, you can search #travel and all the relevant videos will pop up. Periscope is choosing some of the video that appears on the homepage and channel pages but, it points out, it is looking to the community to help curate the pages:

While we work to bring select content forward through channels, we’re not the only curators of live video on Periscope. Continue to share broadcasts from people you follow on Periscope and Twitter with us @Periscopetv so that you can help shape what’s shown on Periscope with us.

Checking out right now is a little dizzying. The portrait-style video, which works well on a phone, makes for a distracting mosaic on a laptop. As for curation—one of the lead videos is “At the lake smoking a joint watching the sunset #420 #Berlin” by Jason @Berlin420: jason


Periscope has its target squarely on Facebook Live, which has done very well of late in the livecasting space. By partnering with a number of major media outlets, Facebook Live has seen audiences in the millions. This is also reminiscent of Snapchat Discover, which has professional-grade channels from partners such as CNN, ESPN and Buzzfeed.