Parents Make Kids Watch TV as Time-Out

By Karen Fratti 

TV2ndScreen 2015 from Miner & Co. Studio on Vimeo.

It’s not just your family. Kids really are addicted to their mobile devices and a new study done by Miner & Co shows how they use their tablets when they’re alone, why they prefer it to other devices, and how they navigate their content. They’re so into the tablet that parents have started using TV as a way to punish their kids.

The company conducted interviews in over 800 homes and found that, especially in larger families, taking away an iPad and forcing a kid to share the tube with their siblings in the living room is the ultimate punishment. Miner & Co conclude that:

Parents in nearly half of these households say that when their kids misbehave, they take away their tablet and make them ‘watch TV instead’ as punishment – creating a generation of kids for whom ‘TV is punishment.’ And, when given the choice between dessert or more time on their tablet more kids choose the tablet.

If you think about it, it makes complete sense, as one of the parents concludes in the video. If there are multiple kids in the house, a tablet is something one little person can have as their own. They’re also really good at navigating and subscribing to video channels they want. And blocking out their little brother’s audio to tune into their own. infographic