Palm Beach Post thanks its Facebook fans

By Cory Bergman 

After hitting 10,000 fans on its Facebook page, the Palm Beach Post put together a video that incorporates the names of 50 randomly-chosen fans as a way to say thanks. The names appear in different newsroom scenes, in stock photos and graphics — powered by Animoto, the photos-to-video animation application.

“I got the idea for the ’embedding names’ concept after being inspired by the ‘New Twitter’ video, which features Twitter’s bluebird embedded in various places, such as a library book,” explains the Post’s Tiffini Theisen.

The video itself has received lots of good feedback from the Post’s Facebook fans. “Thanks Palm Beach Post! I am so flattered!” writes June Bug (yes, that’s her name) in comments.

By the way, Theisen has lots of good Facebook insights on her blog, including how the Post is using a welcome tab on its Facebook page, which has increased “likes” by 83%.

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