Oxygen Streaming Premiere ‘Kiki’ on Periscope

By Karen Fratti 

prancingelitesprojectShall we kiki tonight? You might not have a choice if you’re on social media. Oxygen’s The Prancing Elites Project premieres tonight and they’re throwing a pre-premiere party on Periscope.

There are a lot of other reasons this show is innovative, as it follows “an African-American, gay, gender-nonconforming dance team” making their way through Alabama. The live-streaming will begin at 9 p.m. ET on Periscope and feature shots of the party, cast, and a live Q&A with the cast and crew. And there’ll be:

…tweet readings sourced throughout the stream, a live dance performance, and the cast’s reactions/thoughts on key episodic moments as they view the premiere  concurrently with the audience.

It’s pretty much everything you would do during a broadcast premiere party, but there’s a much better chance of snagging curious new viewers via Periscope and Twitter. When you broadcast a live Q&A on the network, you only get people who were watching anyway. It’s like a real-time, ongoing advertisement for the show to tweet out the live-stream announcement all night. The video will be available on Oxygen’s Facebook and Twitter feeds for post-premiere viewing, too.