Oxygen Partners With Lulu for Premiere of Player Gets Played

By Karen Fratti Comment

Playing into our habit for gossip, Oxygen has partnered with mobile app Lulu to promote its new show Player Gets Played. Lulu, for those not in the know, is an app for Apple and Android that lets women anonymously rate men. The Oxygen reality show premieres tomorrow and follows women who are busting their men for cheating or playing around on them. Guys, tread lightly. This might not end well for anyone.

luluoxygen help neededIn the lead up to tomorrow’s premiere, Lulu has created profiles for the guys that will be featured on the show. Viewers can rate them and use special edition hashtags for them like #AllTheRightMoves, #GetsMe, and #CanAlwaysGetATable for the best of them. And more unfortunate ones like #MessesWithYourMind, #DonJuan, and #UpToNoGood among others for the not so good guys.

The Oxygen team will take over Lulu’s in-app “Dear Dude” blog, where they will dispense dating advice as pictured above from a woman’s perspective and give tips on “how to spot a player.”

It’s classic catty, boys versus girls reality television, which means it will be very fun to tweet about.