Oreo, Sabra Biggest Guests on Colbert

By Karen Fratti 

colbert oreoColbert’s premiere at the Late Show was worth talking about whether you loved it or not. Amobee Brand Intelligence was tracking the consumption around the premiere. Hummus was the biggest winner. Sabra had a paid integration during the show and while consumption around the brand was positive, there was some negative sentiment as to how forceful the in-show ad was. Colbert’s team will have to work on fitting them in better if they don’t want to alienate or annoy viewers. Here are some more stats:

Show Insights 

  • There were 73,467 tweets around The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the two hours around the debut episode, meaning 11:35 p.m. September 8 – 1:35 a.m. September 9, 2015 Eastern Time. That included 16,182 tweets around Colbert, 15,219 tweets around the hashtag #LateShow, and 13,725 Tweets around Late Show.
  • Twitter sentiment around those 73,467 tweets was 33 percent positive, 53 percent neutral, 14 percent negative; indicating in the two hours immediately around Colbert’s debut Late Show airing; the first episode was very well received by the audience.
  • Jeb Bush appears to be the guest that made the biggest impression during the episode, followed by Jon Stewart in his umpire themed cameo, and then George Clooney. Between 11:35 p.m. September 8 – 1:35 a.m. September 9, 2015 Eastern Time there were 3,502 Stephen Colbert related tweets that mentioned Jeb, 3,001 Stephen Colbert related tweets that mentioned Jeb Bush,  2,376 Stephen Colbert related tweets that mentioned Jon Stewart, and 2,112 Stephen Colbert related tweets that mentioned George Clooney.
  • Donald Trump was mentioned in 2,003 Stephen Colbert related tweets in the two hour time period, around a bit where Colbert couldn’t stop making jokes about the presidential candidate.
Brand Impact 
  • There were two brands that took center stage in the debut episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; Sabra Hummus and Oreo. Sabra was featured in a bit of paid product integration where to appease a cursed amulet, Stephen Colbert plugged Sabra Hummus.
  • Oreo was featured in a sketch that the brand didn’t compensate the show for, where Colbert made the analogy that telling Donald Trump jokes is like eating Oreos, you tell yourself just one more, but can’t stop. Between 11:35 p.m. September 8 – 1:35 a.m. September 9, 2015 Eastern Time, there were 1,836 tweets around Oreo, 1,634 tweets around Hummus, and 351 tweets around Sabra.
  • In comparison, in the two hours before the show there were 954 tweets around Oreo, 225 tweets around Hummus, and no tweets around Sabra. That means that the in-show appearances, increased the volume of tweets around Oreo by 92 percent and 626 percent around Hummus.
  • Between 11:35 p.m. September 8 – 1:35 a.m. September 9, 2015 Eastern Time, Twitter sentiment around Oreo was 41 percent positive, 51 percent neutral, and 8 percent negative.
  • Twitter sentiment around Hummus was 62 percent positive, 24 percent neutral, and 14 percent negative. Around Sabra, Twitter sentiment was 18 percent positive, 61 percent neutral, and 21 percent negative. Overall the real-time reaction to the brand mentions was positive.
  •  That said, overall digital content engagement around Sabra has already increased 311 percent on September 9 compared to September 8, looking at the next day impact around the in-program ad; with digital content engagement around Hummus in general increasing 78 percent in the same time period. Digital content engagement around Oreo is up 10 percent on the day.