Ohio-Oregon Game Dominates on Facebook, Twitter

By Karen Fratti Comment

cfbplayoff tweetThe National College Football Playoff Championship was the over all winner last night on social media. The game had fans talking on both Twitter and Facebook. In a blog post, Twitter says that the game garnered 4.4 million tweets over the entire ESPN broadcast, which includes an hour before kickoff and those ten minutes of celebration after the game. You can see how the game sparked conversations in this animated heat map.

Some of the top moments on Twitter were the end of game final whistle, QB Marcus Mariota’s connect with wide receiver Keanon Lowe on a seven yard TD pass on the first drive of the game, and Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott’s fourth touchdown of the game.

Elliot’s fourth touchdown was a big hit on Facebook, too. The top five moments on Facebook were Elliott’s touchdown run, the final whistle, that Mariota connect and when Ohio tied the game 7-7.

It doesn’t look like fans are having different discussions on the two social networks, since the top moments match up. It’s all about the flow of the event. Facebook’s reporting that 7 million people had more than 21 million Facebook interactions, which includes posts, comments, and likes, related the to game.

Chatter about Ohio was the loudest, “while Oregon was only fifth on the list of states that had the highest volume of conversation,” according to a statement. One thing the Facebook data shows? Everyone just really loves to talk about their team on social media. The top demographics were women and men aged 24-44 and 18-44, respectively.