NYT interviews Egyptian blogger via Skype

By Cory Bergman 

It looks like much of Egypt is without internet access at this hour, but earlier the NY Times interviewed Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86), an Egyptian blogger and activist, who’s been sending out a steady stream of tweets from Cairo. And they did it via Skype:

Call it “social newsgathering,” a new skill that involves Twitter sleuthing, Skype interviewing and for TV folks, an open mind about video quality. I particularly like the way NY Times edited the piece — Robert Mackey, wearing a headset and sitting at his desk, asking her questions. It feels more personal, more real.

Ibrahim has also aired on BBC — her webcam a TV studio, her Twitter account a tool to connect with journalists across the world. “It’s important to me to be kind of like a citizen journalist, because our press here, not everything gets broadcast,” she says.