No One Is Planning on Watching New Fall TV Premieres

By Karen Fratti 

A recent poll done by Survey Monkey shows that not too many Americans are super keen on any of the new network shows premiering this season. So are people just too embarrassed to admit they want to watch Kevin James’ new sitcom or does no one really care about any new network TV? It’s hard to tell. But 45 percent of viewers say they don’t really care about the new programming on prime time.

Here are some of their findings:

Among network TV’s new programs, the shows people are most interested in watching are:

Bull (CBS) —18 percent 

Designated Survivor (ABC) —18 percent

This is Us (NBC) — 14 percent

Lethal Weapon (Fox) — 12 percent

The Exorcist (Fox) — 11 percent

It’s not for lack of marketing. Most respondents had seen some of the titles before, even if they aren’t interested in getting into a new show.

  • Lethal Weapon (Fox) — 46 percent
  • The Exorcist (Fox) — 35 percent
  • Kevin Can Wait (CBS) — 34 percent
  • Bull (CBS) — 32 percent
  • Designated Survivor (ABC)— 29 percent

It looks like social marketing teams are doing their job. But it might be up to producers to start putting their thinking caps on.