Nike Ad Drives Over 8.5 Million Views

By Karen Fratti 

Winter is coming and Nike has seized the moment with “Snow Day” an ad featuring pro athletes hanging out in the snow and a James Brown tune. The ad got over 8.5 million online views and 61,428 social actions.

Apple has four ads appearing in the top ten. The sports-themed iPhone 6s ad “Half Court” is in fifth place with 1.7 million online views. “The Camera,” another ad for iPhone 6s, appears in eighth with 797,774 online views and nearly 7,740 social actions. “Dance,” an Apple Watch ad, appears in ninth with 1.2 million online views and 4,098 social actions. And the Bill Hader ad,  “Prince Oseph,” is in the tenth spot.

Breaking up the technology streak is an ad for Starz’s new supernatural series “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” which is in third place.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Snow Day

6.57% Digital SOV  8,517,727 Online Views  61,428 Social Actions

2. Support Our Veterans

4.50% Digital SOV  2,304,690 Online Views  62,239 Social Actions

3. Ash vs. Evil Dead

1.80% Digital SOV  328,789 Online Views  28,658 Social Actions

4. Fallout 4: The Wanderer Trailer

1.33% Digital SOV  1,637,991 Online Views  12,348 Social Actions

5. Half Court

1.23% Digital SOV  1,687,758 Online Views  10,934 Social Actions

6. The Story of Sarah & Juan

1.00% Digital SOV  1,282,437 Online Views  9,282 Social Actions

7. Star Wars: Battlefront: Holiday 2015

0.79% Digital SOV  1,070,777 Online Views  7,055 Social Actions

8. The Camera

0.74% Digital SOV  797,774 Online Views  7,740 Social Actions

9. Dance

0.65% Digital SOV  1,172,239 Online Views  4,098 Social Actions

10. Prince Oseph

0.62% Digital SOV  619,919 Online Views  6,944 Social Actions

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