Nielsen GamePlay Metrics

By Michael Gay 

PlayStation 2 is the big winner in the first release of Nielsen’s new GamePlay Metrics, accounting for 42 percent of all metered gaming in the month of June. Nielsen will be providing monthly updates on game console use and PC game play. From the release:

68.1 million individuals used a video game console in June, playing an average of 7.5 days during the month. On the days they played, Xbox 360 users logged an average of 2.2 sessions, with an average session length of 61 minutes. In contrast, PlayStation 3 users’ logged an average of 1.9 sessions, with an average session length of 83 minutes, on the days they played.

The most played PC game was a blow-out as “World of Warcraft” took the prize being played more than four times as much as any other PC game.