Nielsen and Twitter Promote New Metric for Entertainment Marketers: Tweets Per Impression

By Adam Flomenbaum 

First reported by Variety yesterday, Nielsen Social has begun to approach TV networks with a new metric (not included in the current Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings): tweets per impression.

Writes Variety:

Erika Faust, VP of client services at Nielsen Social, teased “TPI” Wednesday at the Media Insights and Engagement conference. “We’re going to spend a lot more time focusing on this category,” she said, noting the metric is still early in development. “Advertisers now want to start looking at this.”

TPI maps the number of impressions a commercial has on TV against the number of tweets referencing that particular impression minutes after the commercial airs. In addition, TPI can be cross-indexed with marketing spend to measure bang for the buck.

Faust mentioned TPI in a presentation that talked about Twitter’s relationship to TV shows in the lead-up to, during, and the live+7 window. Last month, Nielsen Social released data showing that Twitter buzz in the six weeks prior to a TV show’s premiere was a good indicator of the premiere’s success (analyzing shows from the Fall 2014 premiere season).

Both TPI and the “pre-buzz” study will enable marketers across the entertainment landscape to shift budget in the important time period before the release of a film or show. Twitter’s hope is that these budget shifts are in favor of more dollars for its ad products.