Meghan Markle Recalls Being ‘Fed to the Wolves’ in New Trailer for Netflix Docuseries

By Jessica Lerner 

In the newly released trailer for Volume II of the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex recalls the horrible treatment she experienced at the hands of the British monarchy.

“I wasn’t being thrown to the wolves. I was being fed to the wolves,” Meghan Markle said.

“I wonder what would have happened to us if we had not got out when we did,” muses Prince Harry.


Meghan adds the couple’s security was being pulled and “everyone in the world knew where we were.”

Harry said the British monarchy was willing to lie to protect Prince William but not willing to tell the truth to protect the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Leaving gave Harry and Meghan the chance to create the home they have always wanted, Meghan added.

Volume II of the docuseries will premiere on Dec. 15. Volume I is currently streaming.

In the U.K., the documentary has already courted controversy. The show has been described as having “extremely poor production values,” according to UK royal writer Jennie Bond, and the user of certain photo as “bizarre,” according to ITV’s Lorraine Kelly.

Tory MP Bob Seely told The Daily Mail that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should lose their royal titles, accusing them of exploiting their position. Seely is putting out a Private Members’ Bill to grant the Privy Council the authority to do this.

Despite the controversy, or maybe because of it, the docuseries is Netflix’s highest-rated Netflix program in the U.K. year-to-date.

Harry & Meghan had 2.4 million views on smart TV’s during its first day on Netflix. The second episode pulled in 1.5 million streams and the third episode has 800,00 streams, according to Deadline.