McDonald’s ‘Signs’ is This Week’s Most Engaging Ad

By Adam Flomenbaum 

logo-ispot-lrIt’s time to take a look at the top 10 ads of the week by digital share of voice*, powered by tracks TV ads in real-time and allows customers to monitor social actions, search activity and online video views associated with TV spots across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

McDonald’s leads this week’s most engaging TV ads chart with its ‘Signs’ spot, which has generated 2MM online views and 17k social actions. The only other TV ad to even crack 1MM online views was ‘Hog Rider 2.0’ from Supercell with 1.3MM, meaning the remaining eight on the list didn’t even match half of the total online views McDonald’s top spot generated. Meanwhile, last week’s number one finisher (and this week’s number two finisher), Netflix’s ‘House of Cards: Season Three’ trailer, generated 18k social actions – the most of any TV ad on this week’s chart.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. McDonald’s: Signs

1.9% Digital SOV, 2MM Online Views, 17k Social Actions

2. Netflix: House of Cards: Season Three

1.35% Digital SOV, 753k Online Views, 18k Social Actions

3. Supercell: Hog Rider 2.0

0.96% Digital SOV, 1.3MM Online Views, 6k Social Actions

4. Dr Pepper: Mop Dog

0.93% Digital SOV, 712k Online Views, 10k Social Actions

5. Supercell: Flight of the Barbarian

0.72% Digital SOV, 938k Online Views, 5k Social Actions

6. Super Bowl Campaign: Brett Favre Starts Small Business

0.59% Digital SOV, 12k Online Views, 10k Social Actions

7. Supercell: Larry

0.58% Digital SOV, 813k Online Views, 4k Social Actions

8. Big Game Campaign: Emmitt Smith’s Line Dancing Moves

0.52% Digital SOV, 221k Online Views, 7k Social Actions

9. Super Bowl Campaign: Say Charcuterie

0.52% Digital SOV, 28k Online Views, 8k Social Actions

10. Infiniti: Coaches Charity Challenge Dance Off

0.51% Digital SOV, 308k Online Views, 6k Social Actions

*From For each airing of an ad on TV, we correlate the resulting digital activity back to the airing based on the timing of the activity and the location of the user.  Our window for correlating activity to an ad airing can be as long as 20 minutes following the airing or as short as 1 minute depending on multiple factors such as how often an ad is airing or the day of week and time of day the ad is airing during.  Since each airing is tied to a specific show, we are able to expose the shows, networks and times during which audiences are most receptive to certain brand messages.