#MayPac: 5.86 Million Tweets Sent by 1.8 Million People

By Adam Flomenbaum Comment

If not destined to be a good fight, Mayweather/Pacquiao was at least destined to be a success on Twitter. 5.86 million tweets were sent by 1.8 million unique authors, generating 491 million impressions from three hours prior to the fight through three hours after. 

These were the most Tweeted about moments during the live #MayPac boxing match (TPMs):

1. End of fight: Mayweather defeats Pacquiao 116-112.

2. Mayweather post-fight interview.

3. Pacquiao post-fight interview.

4. Round 12 comes to an end.

5. Pacquiao lands a flurry of punches as Round 4 comes to an end.

A heat map showing how the action unfolded globally:

How the #MayPac battle played out on Twitter: