Matt Lauer joins Twitter with Justin Bieber's help, hilarity ensues

By Cory Bergman 

One of live television’s longest Twitter holdouts, the TODAY Show’s Matt Lauer joined Twitter this morning with the help of Justin Bieber and his crazed millions of followers. Since Matt admitted being a little clumsy with tweeting from his iPhone, Bieber offered to send his first tweet:

Matt protested, but the tweet was sent. Soon Matt Lauer was trending worldwide, and as of this writing, he’s hit 93,000 followers — thanks to the Bieber bounce. But there’s more.

Lauer pulled in NBC’s Digital Media Director, Ryan Osborn (known in social TV circles as @rozzy), who was watching off stage. “He has told me, if I have more than 750,000 followers by Tuesday, he will streak in the studio,” Lauer said, telling Bieber, “You have to get your people going.” So Bieber tweeted to his 23M fans to follow Lauer, and the @todayshow Twitter account followed with:

Which Beiber retweeted. Osborn later tweeted, “At this rate, I’m a bit nervous.” Ah, the fun of TV and Twitter. Here’s the clip from the show:

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