Love, Lizzo! And 5 Other Trailers You Missed

By Rebecca Theodore-Vachon 

Today’s trailer roundup includes HBO Max’s Love Lizzo! and Piano Y Mujer, Paramount+’s Behind The Music, Disney+’s The Low Tone Club, Tubi’s The Manny, and Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields.

Love, Lizzo! premieres on HBO Max November 24 shares the inspirational story behind the singer’s humble beginnings to her meteoric rise with an intimate look into the moments that shaped her hard-earned rise to fame, success, love and international stardom.


The critically acclaimed music docuseries Behind The Music returns to Paramount+ November 29. Four new episodes feature Jennifer Lopez, Boy George, Jason Aldean and Remy Ma. Additionally, seven remastered episodes will put the spotlight on Christina Aguilera, Boyz II Men, Gloria Estefan, Hootie & The Blowfish, Mötley Crüe, Pink and TLC.

HBO Max’s Piano Y Mujer comes to the streaming service November 29. Acclaimed pianist Arthur Hanlon returns to join forces with some of Latin music’s most prominent female vocalists, including Ivy Queen, Ha*Ash, Catalina Garcia, Debi Nova and Lupita Infante. The music special features renditions of Ya Te Olvidé, Bésame Mucho and Aprendí de Ti.

Disney+’s The Low Tone Club debuts November 30. Every year, Principal Eduardo Kramer (Julián Arango) chooses five students, nicknamed The High Tones, to be part of the school’s prestigious Teen Band. Mr. Molina, on the other hand, is put in charge of The Low Tones, a group of students whose talents do not meet the school’s standards. With his disruptive methods, this eccentric teacher and The Low Tones will embark on a music journey that will help heal wounds and inspire each one of them to express their unique talents. Along the way, the students will learn more about Mr. Molina and discover their teacher’s mysterious hidden past.

The Manny is now streaming on Tubi. Lani McCall (Joanne Jansen) is a successful social media chef on the verge of getting her own TV show. But as a single mother, she needs someone to help care for her young son and ends up being charmed by, and ultimately hiring, a handsome male nanny named Morgan Washington (Michael Evans Behling). Lani starts catching feelings for Morgan, but little does she know he’s a twisted and emotionally-stunted “boy” who’ll stop at nothing to get the family he never had.

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields streams on Netflix November 29. The bodies of murder victims are found on a stretch of land in League City, Texas; while the murders remain unsolved, one man refuses to give up on the hunt for his daughter’s killer.