Love and Hate: The Top Emotions From Election Night

By Steve Safran 


Let’s face it: Election Night brought out extremes in people’s passions. At the start of the night, Clinton supporters thought she had a good chance of winning. Trump supporters were more cautious. By the end of the night (and into the morning) we had President-elect Trump. And, in keeping with his polarizing election, people on Twitter either loved it or hated what they were seeing.

Canvs, which analyzes tweets about media and measures the emotional reactions, saw 1.3 million reactions. (Those are tweets that express an emotion.) Many of those were about the members of the media. 19% of the emotional reactions were “Love.”

But, as things started to shift Trump’s way, tweets became more serious. For the night, “Hate” was a leading emotional reaction, with 7%.

Ultimately, whether you supported Trump or Clinton, by 2:40 am, you were likely sharing this existential question…