Lost in Translation with Key & Peele in This Week’s Top 5 Viral TV Clips

By Adam Flomenbaum 

5by_mobile_app_screenshot_304x200In this Friday’s installment of our partnership with 5by, the video discovery platform (which now includes a messaging feature) that curates the web’s best viral videos, we take a look at the top five videos of the week from the platform’s TV category.

Trending this week on social are Key & Peele, taking on all that gets lost in translation during a text message exchange, and list staples Jimmy Fallon and Ellen. For more on the videos selected, Theo Tabah, 5by’s Head of Content:

Our favorite skit this week portrayed the all too familiar problem people have with decoding the tone of text messages. Key & Peele do it best, but those of you sensitive to strong language, consider yourself warned.

Ellen and Jimmy Fallon keep it respectable, Ellen, with her new Viagra commercial, and Jimmy, with his viral sensation ‘Ew!’ featuring Will.i.am. SNL seems to be pushing the boundaries lately with their subject matter. Their humor has always been somewhat controversial, and that’s especially apparent in their latest skit entitled ‘Whites’. Finally, Mat Fraser of American Horror Story recounts his captivating story of living as a “freak” with a passion for acting. He assures us that he’s “powerful and awesome” and we couldn’t agree more.