It’s So Much Fun to Hate ‘The Newsroom’

By Karen Fratti 

thenewsroom_season3Just as Fall TV malaise sets in, HBO brings back “The Newsroom” for its final season. Aaron Sorkin’s take on cable news is probably the funniest show to watch on social media, if only because people hate it so much. Or do they? Last night’s premiere played on this love-hate relationship with an episode on the Boston Marathon bombing to kick off the final five episodes. Here’s some of the best snark you’ll see all morning: 

In case you read some good reviews and are thinking of binge watching it this winter:

Then, they kept pronouncing Watertown wrong, so #Waterton trended for a minute:

And some people think Sorkin would do it on purpose just to get some social chatter:

There is no limit to the love and hate for Sorkin and his version of a newsroom and ideal host. Only Sorkin could make watching even Sam Waterson unpleasant. That’s hard to do.

Had this show premiered before media types could rant about it in real time it might have stood a chance. Or if it didn’t try to take on recent history and rewrite the scripts for it. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see what else they mess up before the year is out.