‘It’s a Trap’ Drives 3.3 Million Views

By Karen Fratti 

In a week marked by ads featuring sports, videogames, and music, it was the “It’s a Trap” ad from anti-smoking outfit Truth.com that dominates the most-engaging list. Playing off the title with a trap music backing track, “It’s a Trap” racked up over 3.3 million online views and over 28,000 social actions.

Last week’s leader, “Professor of Game Day Evolution” remained strong while falling to second, with over a million views and more than 2,000 social actions in support of the NFL on Xbox fantasy integration. Football proved a lasting theme, with DirecTV debuting another in its series of “don’t be like” ads, this time with “Out of Control Beard Andrew Luck” at fifth.

Meanwhile, the “Handle the Mission” ad for the highly anticipated videogame “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” debuted in 8th, while the Apple Music TV spot “Discovery” held on for another week in 10th.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

powered by iSpot.tv

1. It’s a Trap

3.41% Digital SOV  3,379,995 Online Views  28,288 Social Actions

2. NFL on Xbox: Professor of Game Day Evolution

0.62% Digital SOV  1,028,812 Online Views  2,080 Social Actions

3. But Only With Pepsi: Bottle

0.49% Digital SOV  2,505 Online Views  7,389 Social Actions

4. 100 Billion Words

0.33% Digital SOV  578,312 Online Views  911 Social Actions

5. Out of Control Beard Andrew Luck

0.30% Digital SOV  209,984 Online Views  3,027 Social Actions

6. Dog in Cast

0.28% Digital SOV  29,699 Online Views  3,837 Social Actions

7. Star Wars: The Force was Strong Between Father and Son

0.25% Digital SOV  5,663 Online Views  3,577 Social Actions

8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Handle the Mission

0.25% Digital SOV  351,370 Online Views  1,268 Social Actions

9. Threat Intelligence and Behavioral Analytics

0.22% Digital SOV  214,144 Online Views  1,718 Social Actions

10. Discovery

0.21% Digital SOV  296,910 Online Views  1,072 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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