Hulu to Livestream Skydiving Aerial Spectacle Plane Swap on April 24

By Rebecca Theodore-Vachon 

Can a pair of skydiver cousins successfully put each of their aircrafts into a nosedive, jump out and then skydive into each other’s planes? Hulu is about to find out.

The streamer will air Plane Swap, a three-hour livestream aviation event on Sunday, April 24, in which Red Bull Airforce members Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington will attempt to do just that.

According to Hulu, this aerial stunt has never been attempted before and could go down in history as a milestone in aviation. Hulu will stream Plane Swap in the U.S., with Red Bull TV making it available to the rest of the world.


In the special, Aikins and Farrington—who are cousins and accomplished skydiving masters—will pilot two separate Cessna 182 single-seat aircrafts, which they will fly at 14,000 feet. Once they form into a synchronized nosedive, they will stop the engines and skydive towards each other’s planes, disengage the airbrake systems, then restart the engines and pilot each other’s aircraft.

“Plane Swap is the natural progression and culmination of my life’s work as a professional, both in the air as a pilot and skydiver and on the ground as an innovator,” Aikins said in a statement. “It’s the pinnacle of my career and my goal is to inspire the world and show that anything is possible. You can set your mind on something that at times seems wild, crazy and unattainable, but through ambition and creativity, you can make it happen.”

Aikins was inspired to attempt the stunt by a ’90s photo in an aviation publication.

Hulu has been slowly branching out into livestreaming more events, including 75 National Hockey League regular-season games each season.