How fans predicted the outcome of the Stanley Cup [infographic]

By Natan Edelsburg 

The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup yesterday, beating the New Jersey Devils in six games. We wrote about the NHL’s predictive game app, and now the results are in. PrePlay, the company behind the second-screen app, shared the results with Lost Remote.

Fans made 187,508 real-time predictions via the app about who would win the Conference Finals and then the Stanley Cup. PrePlay explained to us how fans were right all along in predicting that the Kings would would take the cup. They provided us with the following highlights and infographic:

– Users had confidence that key players on the Kings would score in the clutch (3rd Period and Overtime with the score tied). Anze Kopitar led the pack, earning 31% of all clutch goal guesses.
– Users’ confidence in the Kings was very high throughout the conference finals. Meanwhile, the Devils played the underdog throughout.
– Overall, app users predicted the Kings dominance over the Devils throughout the series, even after the Devils won games four and five.