How CNN and SnappyTV created social TV producers for the debates

By Natan Edelsburg 

Debate season is in full force and social TV continues to define viewers reactions to these broadcasted spectacles. In our preview of the first election we wrote about CNN allowing viewers to become live TV producers by giving viewers the opportunity to clip and share their favorite moments in real-time. SnappyTV is the social TV technology platform that has made this possible for both the first presidential debate and tonight’s veep debate. The company has just released an infographic visualizing tonight’s debate and snaps. We also learned more about how this forward-thinking partnership with CNN works.

CNN has been providing the debates not only on linear but in HD on and their mobile platforms. Last week’s debate was “was the second-highest day this year for live video on (Whitney Houston’s funeral was the first),” according to the network. According to Omniture SiteCatalyst CNN had “53.3 million page views globally, nearly 5 million video starts globally, 1.2 million live streams globally and 22.7 million streaming minutes in the U.S.,” which are outstanding results. According to iTunes Connect they also had “1.3 million global page views and a 112% increase in video usage versus the prior 4 non-event Wednesday average,” on iPhone and “3.1 mm global page views and video views that were 2.5 times greater than the prior 4 non-event,” on iPad.

For debate number two, CNN continued offering the clipping capability using SnappyTV’s technology. On the social front, using SnappyTV on allowed viewers to share clips inline on Twitter and Facebook. SnappyTV actually allows viewers to become social TV producers and it’s great to see that CNN is investing in letting viewers chop up their coverage as they see fit. SnappyTV’s blog post on tonight’s debate points out that they think it was a “draw”. We’ll see in the morning, how the media decides to spin this one. Here’s their infographic on tweets from tonight’s debate.