HBO’s How to Survive a Pandemic Documentary, Debuting March 29, Spotlights Covid-19 Vaccine Effort

By Jessica Lerner 

How do we survive a global pandemic? That’s the question HBO’s new documentary How to Survive a Pandemic aims to answer as the film takes a glimpse of the race to create a widespread vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Directed by journalist and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker David France, the documentary premieres Tuesday, March 29 on HBO and  HBO Max.

The trailer depicts scientists’ efforts to combat the global health crisis, as they investigate, manufacture, regulate, and distribute Covid-19 vaccines, but there are bumps along the way, including difficulties distributing the vaccine globally and the rise of new variants.


The documentary began filming in early 2020, as the world’s largest public health effort got underway, and followed those efforts for the next 18 months, examining the hard work and collaboration of health agencies around the world, as well as the political and moral failures of governments to act impartially and equitably.

As the coronavirus continued its fatal attack, How to Survive a Pandemic follows the activities of researchers in their labs, scientists conducting volunteer trials and science journalists attempting to keep on top of the fast-changing scene. With unrivaled access to world renowned scientists, pharmaceutical CEOs, government officials, and front-line employees, How to Survive a Pandemic is an account of the most momentous effort of the 21st century.