Grease, The Wiz Drive Same Tweet Volume

By Karen Fratti 

Last night’s Grease Live! drove 1,396,368 tweets, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence. And the audience was into it. Twitter sentiment around the official #GreaseLive hashtag was 34 percent positive, 55 percent neutral, and 11 percent negative, which is around the same sort of tweet volume that December’s The Wiz Live! on NBC. For that special there were 1,373,814 tweets in the same time period.

Tweets Around Grease Live! Cast

Volume of Tweets around Grease Live! cast members between 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. ET, Jan. 31, 2016.

  •  Vanessa Hudgens: 90,756 tweets
  •  Aaron Tveit: 36,522 tweets
  • Julianne Hough: 26,406 tweets
  • Joe Jonas: 18,108 tweets
  •  Mario Lopez: 15,570 tweets
  •  Didi Conn: 11,412 tweets
  •  Boys II Men: 5,328 tweets
  •  Jordan Fisher: 5,220 tweets
  •  Keke Palmer: 3,816 tweets
  • Jessie J: 1,620 tweets

But by far, the real star of the evening was Chrissy Teigen‘s live tweeting of the show — without a TV and without ever having seen the original Grease. Teigen needs a social media director gig if everything else doesn’t work out for her:

How can we wait to watch the Super Bowl with her?